Temp Staffing: Talent on Demand

Temp/Contractual staffing allows companies to focus on projects and deliverables, stay within budget spend, scale up or down current staff, and improve project completion with the right technical staff.

As a leading provider of technical resources to the industry, Pacific is uniquely positioned to understand the temporary temp/contractual staffing needs of its clients. We have the reach and the resources to connect you to the very best temp/contractual IT talent.

The Pacific Staffing Edge

Drawing from our proprietary database of over 1 million qualified candidates, we can help you find temp/contractual professionals that fit seamlessly with your team and your goals.

From short-term, long-term and part-time placements to project-based fulfillment, Pacific offers a wide range of temp/contractual staffing solutions that allow our clients to effortlessly meet corporate objectives.

Thanks to our quick and efficient temp/contractual staffing services we have earned a strong reputation and long lasting relationships with the hiring managers we serve.

We work one-on-one with hiring managers to make sure that your temp/contractual staffing goals and needs are aligned with the professionals we recruit.

Our comprehensive consultant retention program helps maintain a high level of industry skills and enterprise experience within our talent pool.

Our industry focus includes System Integration, Software Development, Logistics, Healthcare, Telecommunications, Retail, Financial Services and Insurance.