Executive Search & Selection: The finest within your reach

The ability to make insightful decisions about human talent can be a source of competitive advantage. Pacific`s largest service practice - Executive Search & Selection - concentrates on helping its clients achieve this edge through identification, assessment and recruitment of the world`s most talented business leaders.

On surface, our Executive Search & Selection process seems to resemble others but our clients discover that there is a distinct difference in our practice and delivery.

Thanks to the experience and knowledge of our recruiters, we are able to deliver the right candidates that can help organizations grow in any economy.

The Pacific Edge

On engagement, we strive to gain a clear understanding of our client’s requirement and assist in calibrating and harmonizing it with the talent market – with the objective of attracting the best available candidates.

Proprietary Database:

Our proprietary and extensive database-driven recruitment delivery platform adds a technological edge to our search process, combining search algorithms with our experienced judgment and market intelligence.

This is further fine-tuned via initial screening and fully validated testing procedures, psychometric assessments and behavioral interview techniques followed by peripheral feedback.

The entire process is followed until a candidate is selected following which we play a bespoke role in negotiation, deal closure and transition as the need be.Notably, our hybrid methodology has more than often yielded us exclusive mandates as partners in mid to senior level search.