To put your best foot forward, browse through these top job interview tips, these helpful hints will help you get in the right mood so you can leave a lasting impression on the interviewers.

Come prepared

Know yourself - your strengths, weaknesses and accomplishments.Also, Google as much as you can about the company through annual reports, News features, press releases, financial reports, Your effort will show in the job interview, and you’ll be seen as proactive, hardworking and astute.

Do your research

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. You are certain to be asked specific questions about the company, so make sure you`ve done your homework on things like their last year`s profits and latest product launches. Also take a look at the latest developments in the industry so you can converse with confidence.

Practice your answers

Although there is no set format that every job interview will follow, there are some questions that you can almost guarantee will crop up. You should prepare answers to some of the most common interview questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as being able to explain why you would be the best person for the job.Practice your responses to all the typical questions, such as "tell me about yourself" and "why are you looking for a new position?." How well you speak will have a bigger impact than what you say
Communication is the key to successful interviewing. A minimum of one to two minutes of well-prepared discussion gives the interviewer insight into your intellect and supports your contentions.

Dress code

Appearances shouldn`t matter, but the plain fact is that you are often judged before you`ve even uttered a word. Make sure your shoes are polished, your clothes fit correctly and that your accessories are subtle. Dressing one level above the job you`re applying for shows a desire to succeed.
Many companies have gone to corporate casual. Check with your contact to see what they require. When in doubt, always err on the side of formal business attire.

Be Punctual

Punctuality is a subtle clue about attitude and behavior. Being late, no matter the excuse, is a major blunder.Arrive 15 to 30 minutes early.Research in advance the route map, any bottleneck or diversions along with parking options and allow plenty of time. Get everything you need to take with you ready the night before.

Stay Cool& Confident

Good preparation is the key to staying in control. Remember to speak clearly and smile. First impressions, positive or negative, dramatically affect the ultimate evaluation. You can make or break a job interview within the first five minutes.High self-esteem and self-confidence are the hallmarks of the successful individual. There’s nothing wrong with feeling good about your self

Stay alert during the job interview. Maintain good eye contact. Sit forward in your chair. Be animated. Show high levels of interest and stay enthused. These actions can maintain or generate momentum during the interview. This is especially important when you are doing multiple interviews on the same day. The energy level must be as high for the last as it is for the first.

A presumptuous, overbearing attitude will offset the finest abilities. There’s a fine line between being too confident and cocky. Don’t cross that line.


The most effective job interviews are those where an active two-way conversation takes place. Not the typical question and answer type .You should always have some questions for your interviewer to demonstrate your interest in the position. Prepare such questions in advance to get more information about the job or better insight into the culture and goals of the company.A few strategic questions can demonstrate your intelligence, analytical skills and assertiveness. Have these prepared from your research. Avoid superficial small talk.
Most important, Never interrupt your interviewer.

Be Positive

Don’t bad mouth previous positions, companies, colleagues or employers. No matter how well founded, this implies a negative attitude, typical of those who don’t take personal responsibility for their actions.

Show Interest

By the conclusion of the interview, state that you are definitely interested in the position and would like to know when the next step will take place. It’s best to demonstrate this interest throughout the session. Be careful not to go overboard.

Next Steps

Establish your objective before the job interview, like a second interview or an offer. Ask for it if you have not achieved it. Ask a question such as, "do you think my skills match your needs?" This gets straight to the point and, at worse, reveals other obstacles to overcome.
Always send a thank you mail after having attended