Devotion towards humanity: A belief at Pacific

As the first step towards fulfilling our vision of Corporate Social Responsibility, way back in 2002, Pacific jump-started its voluntary and affirmative action in making significant contribution to providing free education and healthcare to underprivileged sections of society, to equip them with skill sets so as to make them employable.

With this motive OM Foundation was incubated.

OM Foundation is a registered secular, gender sensitive and humanitarian public charitable trust. Pacific set up this Foundation to provide children from urban slums with free first-rate education and basic healthcare facility. Today there are 300 kids in our Noida school to whom this Foundation provides free education, free books and uniforms, free healthcare and meals. The Foundation aims to create, manage and support programs that bring about sustainable changes, predominantly in the field of equal education opportunities for children in need. It provides relevant education, guidance and skills necessary for children to emerge as assets not only for their immediate family but also for the Nation.

The Foundation is been accredited as a credible NGO by Credibility Alliance, Mumbai, India.
As a responsible corporate citizen, Pacific has decided to substantially scale up its existing programs in the area of education, in order to support the aspirations of under-privileged in the country. The vision of our foundation is, 'To help underprivileged children and young people of our country realize their potential'.

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